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VSN Wine Projects
We pay tribute to our producers by focusing on the wine in question, and passing on the story about it. The vision of the project is to focus on natural wine, and make it easier for everyone to relate to.
An extraordinary union of wine and basketball - VIN SUPER NATUREL
An extraordinary union of wine and basketball
Last month, we collaborated with Berlin-based communications agency BAM and Danish Spacon & X on a pop-up in BAM’s open space in Kreuzberg. The project turned into a multi-faceted space of natural wine, fashion, design, and basketball.
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Buongiorno KIDD x VSN
Hip-hop–endorsed wine & merch meets the colourful world of VSN with their first collaboration with Danish artist KIDD aka The Last Guardian of Heimdal. The 32-year-old creative artist has been on a 10 year hiatus from music, delving in to the world of food and wine until he recently returned to the music where he is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of his record label he co-founded CHEFF Records.