About us

We are a drinks company making natural wine and exploring the potential for expansion in the field. Domaine VSN collaborates with select wine producers, making special cuvées or special editions of existing wines to be found only with VSN. We approach natural wine and winemaking from a non-dogmatic point of view, making natural wine (more) accessible. Domaine VSN is our way of producing incredible wine while making natural wine more relatable at the same time. We use storytelling to shape, shift and stir the waters of the wine world without ever losing the focus on wine.

Our values


We pride ourselves on being different from the rest, and we are always courageous in our efforts to make natural wine accessible to more people.


We apply a creative mindset to our endeavors, working with designers, artists, and creatives to challenge the status quo and create value for our consumers and employees.


We practice inclusion by listening to and developing communities. We seek out different people with different perspectives to engage in diverse collaborations.


We strive to build a responsible company. Getting our B-Corp certification is a big step, and a great example of our continuous efforts to do better.