Cálmate – calm down and have a glass of wine with VSN & CAN Family
For our second collaboration with close friends of the house, CAN Family, it is all about connection, community, and a great glass of wine. We’ve named it Cálmate – as an antidote to the stress of Christmas.
Text by Caroline Berner Kühl
Cálmate – calm down and have a glass of wine with VSN & CAN Family - VIN SUPER NATUREL

Cálmate means ‘calm down’ in Spanish and we thought it appropriate for a wine project created for the run up to Christmas. We can all get caught up in shopping, cooking, and the many festivities of the holidays so much so that we tend to forget the spirit of it all. Cálmate is a reminder to sit down with loved ones and enjoy each other’s company over a great glass of wine.

Since the very beginning, VSN has been about community. Collaborating with friends is second nature to us – and our project with CAN Family is a perfect example of this attitude. Not only are they close friends of the house, but their vision also matches our unrestrained approach to creativity. They describe themselves as ‘a can filled with oddities…an infinite universe, a cornucopia of colour and form, music, and magic’.

Cálmate is our wine project XXXVIII created by Räimones Wine for VSN. It is a light and fresh red from Catalonia with taste notes of wild strawberries and cranberries, and a slightly bitter finish. CAN Family has created a limited-edition artwork for the project based on an original and adding just a glass of wine (what more do you really need?). We’ve used the same print for the wine’s label and a line of merch.

This Christmas, we encourage you to focus on the things that matter. To us, it is all about connection and community! We want to calm down and enjoy a glass of wine with the people we care about most. Just the way it should be for this magical season of love.

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