VSN Kitsuné – a speakeasy-style wine bar 
If you didn't notice already, we've opened a "hidden" bar at an already existing Japanese restaurant in Copenhagen with the help of our friends Spacon & X and Ironflag Studios.
Text by Caroline Berner Kuhl
VSN Kitsuné – a speakeasy-style wine bar  - VIN SUPER NATUREL

In October 2021, we opened a speakeasy-style wine bar in collaboration with Bento, the Japanese family-run eatery in Copenhagen serving bento boxes since 2005. The Vinsupernaturel x Bento speak-easy is built on close personal ties and an ambition to challenge convention. 

The VSN environment is distinct and colourful, easy-going but mighty. We teamed up with Spacon & X and Ironflag to create a ‘hidden’ space in the homely and magical Japanese Bento. An eatery with an atmosphere that is genuinely Japanese without being staged. The speakeasy-style wine bar serves up Supernaturel wines to be enjoyed alongside your dinner. 

Bento is run by mother and son, Hiroki and Daisuke Uki, and is a family business through and through. Until recently, Hiroko’s mother “Baba” was still serving the tea (it is her 100th birthday next year), Hiroki doing the Bento, Daisuke preparing sashimi, and Koji (Daisuke’s son) doing his homework at the bar. Four generations working and hanging in the bar together. And the collaboration with the Uki family did not come out of nowhere – Vinsupernaturel’s Jonathan Soriano has close ties to the family – his mother and Hiroki go back almost 40 years. In that sense, it stays in the family. What is new though is wine, because in all the time that the Ukis have run restaurants, it was always about beer, sake, and cocktails. 


The collaboration came about after Bento’s legendary bartender Mr. Ito passed away some years ago, and the bar became less of a priority. To this Daisuke Uki says: “Mr. Ito left a huge void, and there was just no time for us to focus on the bar. With the Vinsupernaturel family coming in, we have a natural flow of wine and beverages and a universe we can relate to. I believe they will honour Mr. Ito’s legacy well.” 

It is some big shoes to fill, which is why we created Kitsuné – something ‘hidden’ and an opening up of unexpected spaces with an ambition to challenge our preconceived ideas of what something is supposed to be. This notion is not only represented in the idea of a speakeasy bar serving natural wine, but in the themed universe. Imagine a Pachinko (evergreen arcade gaming space) found in the back of Japanese kiosks. With VSN’s contrasty colour palette of intense yellow and loud magenta, Spacon & X amplified this kind of vibe. It is a must visit for lovers of Japanese, natural wine and surprising design.
In fact, the design has since inspired Spacon & X’s custom-made furniture and homestyle collection SUPER SUPER and SUGOI SUGOI.

VSN Kitsuné is open.

VSN Kitsuné wine bar is open from Thursday-Saturday 21-00
Bento Copenhagen & VSN Kitsuné is open from Tuesday-Saturday 17-21

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VSN Kitsune @ Bento Copenhagen - Helgolandsgade 16 - 1653 Copenhagen