The "Bring the Funk" Bundle

The "Bring the Funk" Bundle

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A lot of our customers are looking for something funky. The word 'funk' can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, so we've tried to make a collection of wines, that showcases the differen expressions of what we consider to be 'funky'. All a bit weird and surprising, but still super tasty of course!

Rkatsiteli: Made from the Rkatsiteli grape, an ancient Georgian variety with a long history of winemaking. This is the definition of tropical fruit. On the nose, papaya and pineapple. Tastes a bit like a mixed tropical juice. Vaziani Company is located in the heart of Georgia's wine country, in the Kakheti region, where the warm and sunny climate and unique terroir create perfect conditions for grape growing.

La Vinya del Boter:   La Vinya del Boter 2020 is a super mouthwatering rosé. Fine minerality and notes of sour cherries. Mouthwatering acidity, and fresh strawberry on the palate. The perfect match for charcuterie and grilled vegetables.

Coup D'æil Rosé: This is a special Rosé made by Bertjan Mol who also runs and own Domaine La Taupe. This cuvée has been made especially for Domaine VSN, a light Gamay made with grapes from Thesée, Loir & Cher in France with no compromises, no added sulphites and no filtration. 




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