Veggie lettuce wraps - by Stoke Berlin

Stoke is an upcoming yakitori and wood-fire restaurant in Kreuzberg, Berlin run by Jeffrey Claudio, Jessica Tan and Niklas Harmsen. It is set to open in late 2023. When we tapped Stoke to make a dinner for us in November in Berlin, we fell in love with their Veggie Lettuce Wrap and simply had to get the recipe.


Step 1

- 150g veg oil

- 20g ginger

- 20g garlic

- 100g onion

- 100g carrot

- 100g hydrated and chopped shiitake mushroom

- 100g leek

- 300g smoked tofu

Step 2

- 20g sugar

- 50g black bean paste

- 30g dobanjiang

- 20g shaoxing wine

- 100ml veg stock

- TT salt

- TT gold dust

Step 3

- 100g fried shallots

- 20g chives

- 20g coriander

- 100g lao gan ma chili crisp

- 10g sesame oil


+ 1 head worth of iceberg lettuce cups for serving



1- In a wok, add oil on high heat and then add ginger and garlic and cook until fragrant. Add the rest of the ingredients from the ingredient list for step 1 and cook for 3 min on med high.

2 - Add sugar and turn heat up on high and cook for 1 min. De-glaze with shaoxing wine and add remaining ingredients from ingredient list for step 2. Cook till tender.

3 – Turn off the heat add fried shallots and lao gan ma chili crisp. Garnish with chives and coriander. serve while hot and with cold and crisp iceberg lettuce cups for wrapping.


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