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VSN is an entertainment company powered by pure wine - We are Very Super Natural

We have collaborated across industries and created amazing projects spanning from wine, art, spacial design, to books and much more. Our unique pop-up events celebrated diverse crafts, creating memorable experiences for our community. Even as we indulge in playful traditions like sabering, we remain committed to promoting responsible enjoyment. Through each initiative, we honor the fine line between celebration and care. Our mission is to bring joy and creativity together, always with a mindful approach to responsible drinking.

Our VSN wines

Over the past 5 years, we've partnered with over 30 exceptional winemakers to craft more than 60 unique wines in 7 different countries. Now, we're excited to move on, pushing the agenda for more sustainable wine vessels. Our primary focus is on the wine pouch, championing it as a more eco-friendly option for wine enthusiasts.

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