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These pouches are made in collaboration with François Ducrot, who was born and raised in Burgundy. He graduated in 2006 as a trained oenologist. All the wines are organic, vegan, low or free of sulphites and as natural as possible. François sources his fruit from local organic farmers residing in the Languedoc region. 🍊🍇

The Wines:
A Bag of Orange: The second edition captivates with a unique blend of tangy citrus and earthy undertones. Each sip reveals layers of bold, aromatic.

A Bag of Fresh White Grapes: Our fresh white wine is a symphony of crisp, refreshing flavors that dance across the palate. With delicate hints of green apple and a whisper of citrus, it offers pure, invigorating enjoyment.

A Bag of Roses: Our rosé wine dazzles with a delicate balance of fresh berries and a hint of floral elegance. Each sip is a refreshing wave of crisp, invigorating flavors, perfect for any occasion.

A Bag of Juicy Red Grapes: Our juicy red wine bursts with luscious, fruit-forward flavors that captivate the senses. Rich and inviting, it's the perfect companion for indulgent moments and memorable gatherings.

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VSN x PAL Grape Champion

VSN x PAL Grape Champion

Our 'Grape Champion' collection is still available for purchase! We joined forces with our buddies at 'PAL Sporting Goods' we cooked up a slick collaboration – a high-end varsity jacket in a deep green shade and a basketball. 🏀🍇