Bag Of Oranges II

Bag Of Oranges II

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The second edition captivates with a unique blend of tangy citrus and earthy undertones. Each sip reveals layers of bold, aromatic . You've got Marsanne, Roussane, Viognier & Clarette in the bag. 🍊🍇

TYPE Orange
Languedoc, France 
25% Roussane, 25% Marsanne, 25% Viognier, 25% Clarette
150 cl
EU Certified Organic
32 mg/L added at bottling

Note: This wine is dispatched once a week from our warehouse, on Thursdays. Therefore, place your order and we'll send it to you the following Thursday. To ensure we have time to pack the weekly orders, we need your order no later than Wednesday at 12:00 PM ✌🏻

Tasting notes:
This super juicy orange wine bursts with delightful fruity hints like mandarin, a sprinkle of spice featuring notes of black pepper and fennel. It's got a subtle bitterness, and there's a touch of oxidation sneaking in. The wine feels wonderfully round and smooth, delivering a burst of flavor with every pour!

Food Pairing:
This wine, with its smooth texture, has the weight to pair beautifully with chili and bold dishes. Making it a perfect match for bold flavors like Thai salad, or a flavorful soup. Not to mention, when paired with pizza, it balances with the crust and cheese. Alternatively, it's simply delightful when enjoyed by itself. Just pour a glass, take a sip, and cheers to a fantastic moment!

Fermentation on skins (with maceration) in concrete tanks during around 3 weeks, then pressing and aging on fine lees

Why a Bag of Oranges

Thanks to some fancy technology, pouch wines remains fresh for a good while when chilling upright in the fridge. Some claim it can stay good for 4-5 weeks, but let's be real, who keeps it that long, anyway?!

"Bag of Oranges" comes in a 1.5L size, equivalent to 2 bottles of wine. The cost-effective packaging allows us to pass on the savings to you.

Recent research made by government institutions in Sweden, Norway & Finland indicates that the CO2 emissions during the production and transportation of pouch wines are significantly lower than glass bottles & aluminium cans. 

Enjoy a single glass without the obligation to finish the entire bottle or worry about wasting the rest.

It's way more convenient to carry a pouch equivalent to two bottles of wine. Perfect for picnics, dinner parties, or stocking up for festive gatherings. Cheers to convenience!

The Winemaker

These wines are made in collaboration with François Ducrot, who was born and raised in Burgundy. He graduated in 2006 as a trained oenologist. All the wines are organic, vegan, low or free of sulphites and as natural as possible. François sources his fruit from local organic farmers residing in the Languedoc region.