Courgette Fritters by Sertac Dirik from Mangal 2

Sertac Dirik runs Mangal 2 in London alongside his brother, Ferhat, taking over after their father, who originally founded the now legendary restaurant. They pair a modern dining experience with a refined and exceptional Anatolian menu. Working with passionate and knowledgable suppliers their menu presents seasonality, which is the basis of all Anatolian food. All this is made possible with a dedicated small team, with a duty to honour their roots from Kayseri, Turkey, with a little assistance from their beloved Ocakbaşı grill. Here, Sertac shares an easy recipe for his delicious Courgette Fritters.


600g grated courgette

300g grated carrot

300g grated potato

240g flour

3 eggs

36g salt


1. Mix your grated vegetables and salt, allow to sit in the fridge for 10 minutes. Squeeze out liquid residue.

2. Add your flour and eggs and mix thoroughly.

3. Get a pan on medium heat and add a substantial amount of oil to shallow fry your fritters

4. Form your fritter mix in the pan into 15cm discs, fry one side until golden and then flip. Proceed to cook on the other side.

5. When your fritter is cooked then proceed unto deep frying spoon the middle is cooked. Sea salt your fritters as they come out of the fryer.



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