About us

Maison VSN is first and foremost a house of pure wine. And then it is a house of great design, interesting stories, and community. In other words, an entertainment company powered by pure wine. From our drinks company Domaine VSN to our bike community VeloSuperNaturel to our online publication Recreation Magazine, everything we do is powered by wine.



What’s in the Maison


Domaine VSN is our drinks brand where we make pure wine in collaboration with select wine producers across Europe – from Sicily to Loire. We approach pure wine and its making from a non-dogmatic point of view, producing incredible wine while making pure wine more relatable. 


VeloSuperNaturel is our bike community. It started out with bike rides in and around Copenhagen, where we would end up at our store or HQ to drink a glass of wine. Now, we are taking it to the roads of Europe, with upcoming rides in different cities. 


Recreation is our members club, where you get discounts in our shop, perks from some of our favourite brands, early access to our special collaborations and invites to events. We made Recreation to give our community a chance to get first dips on everything we do. 


Recreation Magazine is our way of sharing all the good stories we hear. This is where you get insights into the lives of our favourite creatives alongside recipes and playlists from friends of the house. 


Vraiment is our brand for apparel, design and collaborations. From our indoor basket court with BAM Berlin, designed by Spacon&x, and with its own line of basket gear to our limited-edition Omnium cargo bike, this is where you get all the great products VSN is known for. 


Vinsupernaturel is our physical and online store. Our online store sells Domaine VSN and Vraiment and ships everywhere in Europe, whereas our Copenhagen-based physical store caters to its local community with pure wine from Domaine VSN and other favourite producers.


What we value

Maison VSN is our dream house, and we have built it on a set of values that we never abandon. This is what is important to us as a company. 

We pride ourselves on being different from the rest, and we are always courageous in our efforts to make natural wine accessible to more people.

We apply a creative mindset to our endeavors, working with designers, artists, and creatives to challenge the status quo and create value for our consumers and employees.

We practice inclusion by listening to and developing communities. We seek out different people with different perspectives to engage in diverse collaborations.

We strive to build a responsible company. Getting our B-Corp certification is a big step, and a great example of our continuous efforts to do better.